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WinTree converts the selection rules created by a user into ANSI C code. This allows the selection rules to be run on a variety of platforms. The WinTree system automatically controls the compilation and execution of the selection rules on a user specified platform. Multiple platforms can be supported at the same time. For example, development and testing can be done locally on a users workstation using a sample cross section of the data. After development and testing, the selection rules can be sent to another platform, a large Unix system, for example, for production execution. The user does this by simply selecting the desired host on which to run the selection rules. This approach allows for rapid development and testing of complex selection rules.

WinTree was designed to be open ended. That is, it was designed to be extendible by the user. This is accomplished by allowing the user to write functions and subroutines that can be incorporated into the selection rules and by allowing the runtime selection driver to be partly or wholly modified by the user. WinTree provides a selection architecture with substantial functionality that can be extended by the user. WinTree was also designed to be able to fit into an existing promotion system. In this sense WinTree has no predefined input or output record formats.

figure 1
figure 1
Figure 1 shows a small promotion tree. The tree represents a promotion by a bank that wants to promote some financial products. The products are Investment services, CDs and Checking. The universe of people, represented by the root node, here labeled BankPromo, was divided into four sub sets: BadCredit, DoNotAsk, Promote and NoPromote. As can be seen in this example, 48 people are considered to have bad credit and as such are not eligible to be promoted. Also, 49 people specifically requested not to be promoted. This leaves 903 people eligible to be promoted. The right most node on the second tier is the set of people who, for some reason that is defined by the rules in the nodes under the Promote node, were not promoted.

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