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Figure 2

Figure 2
shows the contents of the node called RecentDecline. This node's rule tests if the person has declined a promotion since a specified date. If so, the person becomes part of the set and will not be promoted for this campaign. The action, ELIMINATE, is a key word in the selection language. It makes the customer unavailable to any other nodes that share an Exclusive ancestor node with the node called RecentDecline. An Exclusive node is a type of node. It helps to control the flow of records through the selection tree. The comments section holds both comments and local variable declarations.

After a selection tree is built, using the tree editor, it is submitted for compilation and execution. Execution can be done against a cross section of the customer data base for testing or to get representative counts or it can be run against the entire customer data base to select people for promotion. Execution is controlled by a selection driver program called the Data Presentation Layer (DPL). The DPL is built for each database. It is responsible for gathering together, the data pertaining to a customer and presenting it as a micro-database to the executable form of the selection tree. Output can be generated by the selection tree or by the DPL. It is possible for information to be passed from the selection tree back to the DPL. This gives the user considerable flexibility in integrating WinTree into existing processes.

Many selection trees may be combined together to run as a single super tree. The combining together is done by a higher level tree known as a control tree. The terminal nodes of a control tree LINK to promotion trees. The control tree may contain logic that governs how the individual promotion trees are allowed to interact. Thus, with one pass of the data, the selections for many promotions can be done. Running promotions at the same time makes it easier to share names without over-using them. Click here to view an interactive simulation of WinTree .

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